10 Best Pest Control Companies in Richmond, VA

How To Choose a Pest Control Company

Not all pest control businesses are equal when it comes to reputation, qualifications, and competence. It’s important to do your research to determine the ideal option for your specific pest problem. Focus on these key factors when selecting a pest control provider:

Services Offered

Look for a pest control company that primarily handles the pest you have, like termites, bed bugs, roaches, or rodents. The company should provide an overview of how they treat your type of pest.


When selecting a pest control provider, look for technicians that have the proper state licensing and are certified in pest control methods by industry associations such as the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). Possessing these credentials indicates that the technicians have adequate training. Inquire with the company about the training hours required for its technicians as well as its policies for continuing education.

Experience and Reputation

Before booking an appointment, take the time to read online reviews on sites such as Google or Yelp to verify that the company has a proven track record of providing effective service and positive customer experiences. Also check for complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Inquire about ongoing training at the company as well as how its technicians stay up to date on the latest pest control methods and treatments. When you choose a professional from our list of Richmond’s best pest control, you can rest easy knowing you’re hiring an expert that meets our quality and review standards.

Green Pest Control

If you prefer more eco-friendly and natural pest control solutions, look for companies that have “green” certifications. If you’re dealing with larger pests, such as mice or squirrels invading your attic, you can also ask about humane catch and release methods. Keep in mind that natural pest control options may be less effective; consider a more traditional route if dealing with a serious infestation. Regardless of what methods you choose, all pesticides (besides those classified as minimal risk) must be registered with the EPA.

Reservice Guarantee

Quality pest control providers typically offer service guarantees for ongoing plans. The guarantees mean the provider will return and re-treat at no cost if your home still has pests following the initial visit. One-time treatments may not come with reservice guarantees.

Questions To Ask Pest Control Companies

Once you have selected your top pest control providers, reach out to each one with questions such as:

  • How soon can you start the process? You’ll want to start right away before the problem worsens.
  • What results can I realistically expect to see after the initial and follow-up visits? The company should provide a clear timeline for when pests will be eliminated.
  • How frequently will you need to treat my property once the initial visit is complete? Many companies provide regular, semi-regular, or annual service programs to help stop infestations from returning.
  • Can you give me the complete price quote and service plan details in writing? This lets you get an idea of the cost of an exterminator and avoid companies with unclear conditions or unexpected fees.
  • What pest control procedures and approaches do you use? Make sure the techniques align with your goals for traditional options versus natural options. Get details about the chemicals that the company will use.

Take the time to thoroughly review pest control companies using these questions. This will enable you to choose a qualified provider to effectively manage your pest situation at a fair price.